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TubeBuddy Suggestion A/B testing on watermark & subscription rate


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It would be interesting to see the relationship between a watermark and how often people subscribe. I recently changed my watermark and saw a large increase in subscribers. However, I don't know if correlation = causation here because I also saw an increase in traffic which is highly unrelated to the watermark. A/B testing could confirm this.
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This is an interesting one because I wasn't sure if YouTube actually collects any data from if a watermark is actually clicked or not

Screenshot (6112).png

But if you look at subscription source, there's a section for interactive features (including end screen AND branding)

interactive features.PNG

Screenshot (6115).png

YouTube does report these changes on a daily basis as an option, and theoretically if the ONLY interactive feature you change on a daily basis was branding watermarks (and that's how thumbnail A/B testing works) that would indicate on some level if that would make any différance.

The only issue as to whether it's worth worrying about, is if there would actually be enough data being able to be gathered to really determine if there was a change in either situation. And there's still the reporting of end screen subscription buttons that would interfere with that, so I'm not sure how accurate it could be.

BUT if it's possible, I'd indeed love to have it from a detailed analytical standpoint. Not sure if enough people would use it to warrant it, but it would be great to bring more focus to largely ignored subscription source.

Personally I love questions like this that get really deep into the details that others don't generally think of.