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Question am on TubeBuddy Pro since 45 days. yet to see a surge in traffic and subs-


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Please try to upgrade the account to star or pro and use the SEO Tool optimization.
Try to make a video on trending topics and then using the SEO tool will help a lot.


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am following all hacks posted by TB, yet to see ANY rise in subs! help ASAP ... its quite demotivating to see any traffic surge !
Give us some specifics on how you are using TubeBuddy so we can give you more specific feedback on how to get the most out of it.

Also, have you reviewed the videos in this playlist?

Beanie Draws

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am following all hacks posted by TB, yet to see ANY rise in subs! help ASAP ... its quite demotivating to see any traffic surge !
It can take a bit of time to really hone the skills, your thumbnails look good for the most part but they're VERY text heavy which could put off people from clicking your videos.

Also, your tags are still pretty generic. Have you been exploring the seo studio and keyword explorer?

I've highlighted in yellow some of your problem areas. You're not taking advantage of pinned comments, you're not hearting comments (so the audience sees that you aren't interacting, so they're less likely to engage)

Also your tags are pretty generic. I've had issues with making generic tags in the past. "how to" "truffle" "valentine recipe" "easy dessert" "chocolate truffles" etc are still too generic. There would be millions of others making the same kinds of videos, so those keywords would have that kind of competition (did you look at the competition score?) high competition means less likely to stand out from the others making the same video.

In situations like this, I like to merge a few. I've been changing my old video tags. like I'd combine "how to" "easy dessert" and "chocolate truffle" to something like "how to make easy chocolate truffles"
You have a few good ones, like "how to make chocolate truffles without condensed milk" and I sense your ranking for that tag is a lot better than some of the others.

You need to be putting your keyword ideas into the keyword explorer and see how they score in terms of search and competition. High competition will hurt you, and I tend to go for high to medium search scores.

Keywords are tricky, especially in the world of cooking, but I see potential to refine your keywords a bit more so they're less broad, and far more targeted. And I'd make your thumbnails simpler and focus less on the text, and more on the food.


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Results take time, simply using TB won't help you grow, you have to understand how you can best use it and even outside of it leverage the power of Thumbnails, titles, editing, etc.

Tito Tim

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What BeainieDraws said.
Plus, 45 days is nothing in YT time. It takes a while to get traction - unless you are already a celebrity or luckily hit a viral vid.