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Need Advice Starting a YouTube Channel With My Fianc├⌐


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Hello everyone. Looking for a little advice. I'm pretty new here so my apologies if this kind of post is frowned upon.

So I've done my research. Learned more about SEO than one man should in 6 months. Released my first video last week on a whim. Hardest part so far has been learning the software Final Cut Pro X to edit video. So I'm pretty confident as long as I do what I know I need to do that my channel will grow well.

But this post isn't about that. My fiancé (as of 3 weeks ago) recently asked me to start a totally separate channel with her. Basically a couples channel. I didn't even realize these were a thing. I will say we are probably have a little bit of a unique take on relationships. I'm white. She's black. I'm 11 years older. She's from a military family. I'm from a little bit of a rougher family. But I started thinking of some fun ideas. Worst case scenario we enjoy doing it.

Was just curious if anyone had any experience with these kinds of channels. Any suggestions? Are there certain couples out there (Again, I'm not familiar) that I should check out? Let me know what you think or what you have please.

Enjoy your weekends!


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There could be something there in term of dealing with cultural differences and such. With all the racial tension this year, we need to show blacks and whites actually living in peace.

The real thing is energy. Do you have the energy for two channels? Only you can answer that.
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Couples channels seem to becoming more and more popular, and I wouldn't be surprised if YouTube boosted channels that feature couples. I've seen some fascinating ones, and some really strange ones. I think the thing that'd matter the most is that the chemistry is good (and the editing is good to make it interesting), and the concept for the channel is good. A 11 year + racial difference is interesting, but I am sure you can figure out something that's so much more if you want to.

But definitely go for it!
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When I began my channel I specifically did not want the experience to be something that took me away from my family. After discussing our options we decided to pursue our fishing channel from a family perspective, which has been amazing. It has connected us; it is a projected that we all get to take part in and be proud of together. We get to experience more together as a result of the work we put into our channel together.

Yes, the family and couple perspectives to channels are a thing that people do. But considering it from behind the scenes and perspectives and you will see that if done right it can be a great hobby for you to enjoy together. I highly suggest considering it. (It is also nice to have a teammate helping with some of the 'other' things involved with growing a channel, and in the future it will push back the need for hiring someone).
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The only couples channel I've ever seen is King Of Random. The guy basically does his videos with, I believe is, his wife. Other than that I don't know of any.
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The only couples channel I've ever seen is King Of Random. The guy basically does his videos with, I believe is, his wife. Other than that I don't know of any.
If you mean current day King of Random, that's actually two of Grant's initial intern/assistants. He initially wanted to train up his team to be able to keep the channel going without his direct input being needed so he could focus on his family and doing more behind the scenes stuff, almost training people to become presenters as a bit of a training academy of sorts.

Unfortunatly Grant passed away a year or two ago (I think it may have been last year) and the two presentors he kinda trained up, had no real choice but to keep the channel and his legacy going. I believe they are friends, but I don't think they are a couple, kinda like Kari and Tori of Mythbusters.

Actually, it's that kind of "speculation" and such which makes me uneasy with the idea of couples doing channels. I know Boogie2988 never really had his then wife ON his channel, but the amount of speculation into their relationship sounded like it put some strain on their relationship, among other things. So be mindful that any kind of relationship in a public space can attract unwanted attention. BUT there are also relationship channels out there that seem to be doing well. Just be mindful you well get people that the moment one of you don't show up on camera "where's ----- " "are you two okay?" etc. People pry into other people's lives when they have a narrative in their mind of expectation.

I also want to say, this is not in any way to deter people, just to be mindful and to brace for whatever comes from a joint venture. I like to prepare for the "what ifs" so I'm more prepared.

Oh and there's a music review couple called VinAnd Sori who do music reviews and are a black and white couple. I believe they're a couple anyway. Again, it's hard to know specifically because some people do a show as friends only.