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YouTube Tips How do you grow?


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Hi everyone, I’d love to know what is the best way you’ve grown your channel? Was it consistency of posting or promoting your channel? Just want to know people different experiences with YouTube ☺️
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DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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For me, I found that being insistent on uploading and just uploading videos, while perfecting the art of SEO and thumbnail making paired with good titles, not just good but attractive titles and thumbnails, worked wonders, but nothing beats the content itself, even the best thumbnails and titles will be useless if the content sucks, as in youΓÇÖll get the clicks but once everyone sees the crappy video, theyΓÇÖll hightail it outta there, damaging the analytics and giving a crap retention report.

As Roberto Blake says in one of his videos, make 100 crappy videos but improve on each one, or something like that, then keep going and going, because it is said that once above 100 videos then the subscribers will come in faster and faster, but youΓÇÖve gotta keep at it.

Anyways just my 4 cents :blush: :)

Stanley | Team TB

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I believe that the single most effective way to grow on YouTube is by combining several key elements into one cohesive package;

1. Make Great Content. First and foremost, this is the single most important aspect of the process. If your content provides no value then no tricks are going to help you gain an audience. I am going to go ahead and include in this that you need to go ahead and master thumbnails. Without a killer thumbnail your killer content will never get clicked on.

2. Master SEO. No forum or social media presence, no word of mouth or shoutout from another channel could ever come close to matching the reach you have at your fingertips with a solid search engine optimization strategy. It simply can't be matched. SEO puts you in front of otherwise incomprehensible numbers of viewers who are actively seeking the content that you are making. Nobody else can do that.

Beanie Draws

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For me, consistency helped in my early days, and with that level of consistency, I built a collection of around 180 videos. People say to focus on trends and such to "blow up" and while that is a good strategy short term... if the trend goes away, so will your views.

My strategy was more long term. I focused on making evergreen content that was always interesting in some level all throughout the year. People have always wanted to know how to draw dinosaurs... yes, Jurassic World made it more popular, but even when there was a 10 year gap between films, people still enjoyed drawing dinosaurs, so I focused on that.

I was "bad" in that I never focused on tags much, my titles and thumbnails and topics were what got people clicking. I think if my titles and tags were more compelling, I would have got more attention still, but never underestimate the importance of a thumbnail.

If your topic isn't trendy, and rather boring, and your thumbnail looks like it was an afterthought, people will treat your channel like it's a joke to not take seriously. Act professionally, treat your content like it's quality worth watching, and realise there's more to life than views and subs. Focus on delivering value instead of feeding your own ego. The videos I did for myself performed worse than videos people asked for. The differance with me is I know what to expect, and I don't get upset if things don't go my way. I mean yeah, if a video gets much lower views than normal, that's dissapointing, but I treat that as a learning lesson for what not to do next time.

And learn to make good thumbnails.
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For me, it's doing SEO research in advance of creating a video so I don't have to do even more research and life support on videos after I post them (not that research is 100% infallible.)
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