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Subscriber Milestone Reach my goal of 100 subs + 4 videos!


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Subscriber Goal
I'm extremely proud of myself to stick with filming, editing, and posting 4 golf videos in the past 2 months. My goal before Dec 31 was to reach 100 subs and I just crossed that last night.

The reason 100 sub was an important milestone for those newer YT'er is that you're able to customize your channel URL. Instead of getting those generic "zxoirju12ls" URL. You can customize it and change it to your channels name or anything you want as long as it's available.

What drove my engagement and views.
1. Social media hookup early on. I linked my Instagram to Twitter and FB. This drives some traffic
2. Asking friends&family to join my FB Golf With John group. Then whenever I have a new video, I share it here and also shorter non-used edits
3. Optimizing my video with TubeBuddy. Tags, title, endcaps all that stuff. Super important. Every one preaches this but can't say it enough Thumbnails. This is what gets browsers to actually click your video and helps you with the clickthrough rate analytics.

Really happy.


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