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YouTube Question How can we get more Views on gaming vlogs

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You know what... I think this deserves a more attentive article than just a simple response. I'll do a write up in the YouTube Strategies section
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I would argue most platforms are the same. One issue, I think with Vlogs is the lack generally of focused keywords. Those types of channels have action-oriented titles and tags. The problem is that unless you have a following that will engage with those actions, its kind of worthless to use them for a vlog.

I have a buddy that's been monetized recently as a vlog. He probably doesn't know why he got monetized, but I sure know why he did. He had a few vlogs "Blow up" with >10,000 views.

Does he know why they blew up? Maybe not.

But I do. I checked his tags. His vlogs about his job - a major company - contain key phrases that are moderate volume, but low competition. Every time he does a video about this job, he gets a strong amount of hits. His other vlogs? They do terrible, relatively. Has he honed in on those keywords? Nope. He still shotguns the vlogs, and his channel has stagnated mostly since monetization and he's just about off, doing other stuff. On the other hand, I grew like 300% in the same timeframe, but thats thanks to TubeBuddy and knowledge of SEO.

At any rate how does this pertain to you? Your gaming vlog needs focus. It may not be on a single game, but keywords that can attract people. You need to bring people into your channel before you cater to their viewership. This is where engaging content (good editing) helps win more subs. You need to win the thumbnail battle, so when they look up content for game XYZ they will click on your vlog vs. whatever else is on the search, suggestion, or browse at that time.

Once you do that, you can focus on your niche and grow from there.

Just my 2-cents.