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YouTube Networks Is there vinyl record / audiophile / design fan here?

Vinyl Anatomy

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My channel is dedicated to design / vinyl record and being an audiophile.
Wondering if there are similar minded friends here?
I know it's a niche market on YT but there should be some right?
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Beanie Draws

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Thanks Beanie, I'll check. Is it on discord or here?
Adventures In Design are on YouTube (although they seem to have moved focus to disney design, but their main focus is illustration culture and design culture and they've talked to a lot of designers who did gig poster designs and sometimes album covers) you might find them under AIDpodcast as well.

Well, I'm a musician, and just released my third album over on Bandcamp. Vintage album cover design is my favorite.
Love hearing about hidden talents from members around here outside of YouTube :)

The cover for "In Life" especially is exquisite. I really love that particular style of cover art.