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Channel Review I need an honest review on how i can improve my channel

Chlo with the flow

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Stanley | Team TB

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Ma'am... you are doing just fine lol. You have a great personality (and that is 90% of the battle right there). You are energetic and kind, enthusiastic and your editing style is a nice addition to your style. Before I get started understand that your biggest issue is simply that you need to make more videos. Like a lot more. You need a LIBRARY of videos. Once you have made 100 videos you will have naturally fixed just about everything I am about to cover.

Editing Improvements
You have a great style to your edits... your quick cuts are punchy and helps to keep a fast pace. That's good, it keeps peoples attention. There isn't any down time to suffer through. Text adds to this, providing the viewer additional things to look at while watching. I would suggest attempting to fit more. I would have liked to have seen more B-Roll, Photos etc of your favorite small YouTubers. I want more stuff happening on screen. I want a change of camera angles every couple takes. Basically keep doing what you are doing and just give us about 10% more.

(Note: If you are getting 85%+ retention you take everything I just said and throw it right out the window. If that is the case you simply need to make videos that are just a little longer and keep doing what you are doing).

You have solid ideas and it is obvious that you script your work. That is phenomenal and it puts you in a much more skilled category of creator. Keep doing that. That having been said I would encourage you to do more of that. More research. Be more informative. Give us more examples. MORE MORE MORE!!!

Technical Improvements
Don't worry about them. You are doing just fine. If you end up getting a new camera along the way cool. If you pick up a mic that's awesome. But if that is something you are stressing about don't. You do not need improvements to either at this juncture IMO.

I would suggest spending just a little more time learning and understanding your research tools. I know that when you want to do a video about your favorite small YouTubers you are thinking 'what keywords can I even use?' or something to that effect but I assure you there are keywords hidden out there that will help you. Spend a little more time learning how to find those magic keywords and they will end up producing magic results.

Ma'am you are doing great... you are much further ahead of the pack than you realize. Keep pushing out content and be prepared for a long term plan. If this is something that you want to do as your job while in college you are well on your way to doing just that. Be prepared to film/edit etc 1,000 videos between now and then and you will be doing just fine.


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Your vids are hella good, id just recommend optimizing your titles/descriptions. Your editing is good and your thumbnails are pretty good as well. Id also recommend sharing your videos more on other platforms.
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Bertha Mukodzani

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