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YouTube Question Is vlogmas a way to grow your channel?

Chlo with the flow

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Im a lifestyle you-tuber who has a vlog channel and i was wondering if you guys think that vlogmas will help grow my vlog channel?


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Yes and no.
It really depends on your channel, and if you can keep the content of consistent quality.

Last 2 years I did a daily upload between xmas and new year. First-year i did gain views, but hardly any subs.
I did cut some corners here and there, so not all content was as high quality as it should be.
Last year i did a good and consistent upload, again xmas till new year. Roughly same increase and views, but i gained more in subs. Better content, better result.

This year i'm gonna do streak number 3, xmas till new year.

I know of a fellow motovlogger who is doing Dec 1 till xmas day, daily uploads.
But he does a more face in screen style vlog, so for some people they feel more connected.
His views and subs rise is huge compared to before.

So it can be worth it... But it is a huge amount of work ;)
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I believe it can have two effects. It can help grow your channel at a time where many major channels take time off to spend the holiday with family and thus content starts slowing down for a little while. I myself struggle to find content from my fav channels during the holidays.

The other is giving your current subs more content they might enjoy watching from you from a more personal and joyful perspective.

Beanie Draws

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Im a lifestyle you-tuber who has a vlog channel and i was wondering if you guys think that vlogmas will help grow my vlog channel?
I don't think vlogmas on it's own will do much for your channel. You could always use google trends to see if vlogmas is a trending thing. I personally thing vlogmas is like "inktober" it doesn't actually "do" anything for your channel, but rather a starting point to inspire you to do something. I don't think vlogs about our lives are particularly interesting except to your core audience, but if you can incorporate vlogmas as a theme to spice up your regular content to give it a new coat of paint, definitely go for it.

On it's own though, I don't think it will do much considering how many others are doing the vlogmas thing.

I say this simply because I did "inktober" thinking the inktober trend in art would see me gaining a lot of views, but inktober on it's own was no differant to anything else, and as a topic on it's own, wasn't trending enough to actually see any boost. Actually, the videos that I did specifically on inktober performed worse than other content. So holiday themes don't really do much if you're chasing views. They are however a good prompt to inspire you to simply create.

Don't do it if you're just after views from a trend.

Do it as a prompt to do your normal content.