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YouTube Question Benchmarks?


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Are there any accepted benchmarks fro channel growth? Like, if you have X amount of views, you should have X mount of subscribers. Or, X amount of videos are needed to hit X amount of views/subs. Just curious if there are stats on that.


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Not really. It can be very niche specific. But in terms of data, focus on audience retention and average view duration. That plus solid CTR will be the leading indicators for subscribers, views and watch hours.

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Broadly speaking benchmarks are fairly useless for the most part because we all run different races. I had about 20k more than my peers for about a year or two until they blew past me in terms of sub count, so the idea of having x amount of subscribers in x amount of time is kinda pointless.

I will say though, and this is a bit judgmental, but if someone publishes frequently, and they've yet to hit 100 subs in about 2 years, it might be time to start learning to self analyze and self evaluate your videos and strategy. There's a différance between doing things at your own pace, and trying to push a boulder uphill and some strategies can kinda work against you. Like, if you keep posting the same type of video and style over and over and you see little progress, it might be time to analyse the audience retention to see if everyone's dropping out because of editing or rambling on etc. You can take a look at your impressions, if your impressions are low it means either people aren't searching for the topic you're talking about, it's not being suggested, or you haven't used effective keywords, and if the impressions are high and your CTR are low, that means your thumbs need work (imo) and you really do need a good cover (thumbnail) to entice people to want to check out your content.

Early on I wouldn't expect a huge view count compared to subs, but on the same token, later on in the game it can be a bit disjointed too. I have nearly 30k subs and I get maybe 1-2k views per video after the first week or so which some might think is a bad ratio, but I see plenty of channels getting maybe 10% of their subscriber count. But on the same token, I've seen channels with fairly "low" sub counts getting really high view counts, sometimes many times more than their sub count.

So with that said, I wouldn't worry too much about bench marks, but I would say if you notice NO growth after a certain period of time, then it's time to re-evaluate.

It takes some folks a few months to get several thousand subs... and it takes people years to get anywhere and then boom, success. Take a look back at Mr Beast's history, especially sorting by oldest and you'll get an idea how many videos he had to make before certain milestones, and you can sort of see by publish date how long it took him to get to each milestone. I do things like that when I study how my idols got to where they are and if it's possible to replicate it.
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