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Need Advice Tips on how to make videos viral


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I know the fact that number one strategies on how you can make your video viral is on your SEO, Title, description and keywords which tubebuddy can help us with our SEO, second is how can we make our videos viral? Is by how much u get views, likes and comment?and I think Fiverr can help us get organic views etc. But how about third party app is it worth it like uchannel and uview for example.
Can you give tips how?



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If there was a predictable way to make a video "viral", literally every single person on this board would be doing nothing but releasing viral videos. But there isn't. Having a viral video is about as statistically likely as winning the lottery.

Sites that drive views and subscribers provide little value as YouTube continues to stress that audience retention and average view duration outweigh just about every other factor in making a channel successful. Said another way, having 1000 subscribers sounds nice, but if only 50 of them actually care about your content and watch it, you have literally accomplished nothing.

There is no fast, easy path. Anyone that tells you different are lying.

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I know the fact that number one strategies on how you can make your video viral is on your SEO, Title, description and keywords which tubebuddy can help us with our SEO, second is how can we make our videos viral? Is by how much u get views, likes and comment?and I think Fiverr can help us get organic views etc. But how about third party app is it worth it like uchannel and uview for example.
Can you give tips how?

One thing about virality is it's very difficult to craft. Mr Beast managed to do it, but there's more to Mr Beast's formula, and everyone tries to imitate him, but I've only seen 1 person do it successfully.

Realistically, a good catchy title that grabs attention, a thumbnail that grabs attention, but most importantly, a TOPIC that grabs attention is the way to go. You want to focus on a topic that's trending, and you want your video to be pretty special, and that's the hard part. Lots of people try to make a "viral" video and fail, because "viral" videos are often random and unplanned. Sometimes it's just being in the right place, at the right time to catch the right thing that grabs people's attention.

The other part of virality, is it can sometimes come with results you didn't intend for. Virality is a tricky one where people can suddenly love you and your content... OR you become viral for something you really DON'T want to be viral for, and it's the negative reactions that push the virality. Remember "Star Wars Kid?" he wasn't planning to be viral, but the video he posted became viral, and he received a lot of abuse and harrassment and teasing because of it. That's the part you need to think about. The reactions you get, might not be what you WANT.

I'm a believer that success is better crafted over time. There's a guy called "Corpse Husband" who's been thrust into virality and fame, and he's found it highly difficult to deal with the sudden fame. It's not all sunshine and roses and you need to brace yourself for that, and people rarely ever consider that side of things.
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Virality is something that is very difficult to wrap your head around. In hindsight the most viral of videos occurred because they had something about them that made them worth watching multiple times over and sharing with friends. So if you want to experiment with virality first be mindful of content that you could show your friends and they would in turn desire to show their friends. Another thing to be mindful of is trends. Being one of those select few videos that earns high marks for search terms that are big trends is a key way to go viral. And this isn't as easy as making a video now in preparation for Christmas with the hopes that you will pick up on Christmas as a trend. You need to be first on a trend that is highly underserved. Something newsworthy. So many videos go viral years after they were published because they featured a topic, location, person etc that was noticed in the news year later.

There are other factors, although I believe these to be the most crucial. Regarding third party aps, gimmicks etc... all straight garbage. Nobody ever went viral and full-time simply because some stupid ap had things all figured out. Don't trust nonsense like that, they just want your money.


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My brother has had 2 major viral videos that have over 3,000,000 views each, and they've made him quite a bit of money. He really doesn't love to get into analytics like I do, but I did get to see his stats and info. I think I have a good idea on what YouTube is looking for at least from a numbers perspective.

Basically, for most videos to go viral, you need a conduit for views thru one of YouTube's main impression gateways.

Those are:

1) YouTube Searches that see insane growth on Google Trends/ect (suggesting massive spiked interest in a topic that you already ranked well on. Think Among Us if you had a video ranking high in May when it grew in August).

2) Browse Features

3) External Virality (Dad How Do I would be a good example - news networks talked his channel up, or that one Mexican grandma that was cooking on a primitive hot stone to show off local cultural fare)

Now, the first two are pretty unpredictable: You have no idea when a game is randomly going to become popular outside of the big ones like, say Cyberpunk 2077 or other AAA releases.

That basically leaves Browse Features as a prominent way to go viral, and that one is 100% controlled by YouTube's algorithm.

Browse Features are controlled by 3 main components (I believe):

1) Clickthru Rate (higher is always better)

2) % Watch Time (higher is better, and there's a kicker for mid-roll ads too)

3) Channel Monetization

It essentially runs off game theory/the social dilemma: YouTube wants to recommend the best content to as many people as possible. If no one will click on a video, then there's no way they are going to feed a video from any one, millions of impressions.

In the case of my brother's viral videos, I can tell you that his Browse Feature CTR was above 15% for multiple days for non-subscribed members. Average Watch Time was over 6 minutes on an 11min video.

YouTube then fed his video roughly 15 million impressions over the course of a week. This resulted in +50,000 subs (or more), and any follow-up content getting 100,000+ views whereas videos prior to this were lucky to get 10,000 in their lifetime.

That was in October last year. He had another video spike in January and it did about 4,000,000 views in 2 weeks. I saw the numbers, and at one point his YouTube Studio app showed 1,100,000 channel views in just 48h - crazy. On that video, the metrics were just about the same. 17% CTR, 7min watch time on a 13min video.

Why did his videos stop getting hits? Simply put, the CTR came crashing back to Earth. The impression windfall stopped when the CTR dropped below 12%. It ran out of people, more or less, to watch it.

I imagine everyone's hard-pressed to figure out how to catch that viral lightning in a bottle, but there's a rhythm and rhyme to it, and its main driver is user engagement. If you can capture it, you're going to do well. Now how you win that battle is for you to figure out.
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Well, some of us will never go viral because he have the wrong skin color, hair color, eye color, personality or the flavor of the month went from rocky road to cookies and cream. It's much easier to play the long game by producing content that you love or a subject matter that you know about.

I have never had a "viral"video. My most successful video has 73k views. My #10 lifetime video has 36k views. Not viral, but many people would kill to have numbers half that high.

There are people who but out classes on how to make a video go viral, but the best thing for average people like me is learn how to make videos that don't suck, build a never-ending stream of content, work at it for 10 years, and whenever you end up is where ever you end up.

Part of you content needs to be catering to "your"people. The people who watch my videos don't fit the mainstream. These are people who won't watch the popular fishing YouTube channels or fish with method that the people are channel don't even know exist.

There's an old Hebrew proverbs that says,

"Better a dry morsel with quiet
than a house full of feasting with strife."