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Music Channel Music is a journey.


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User name: imabz13
Title of introduction: Music Lover
Your name/ Alias: imabz13
Where are you from? Italy
How did you find TubeBuddy? I've heard about Tubebuddy from watching Nick Nimmin's tutorials for beginners on how to start a youtube channel.
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Took Nick Nimmin's advise that every youtubers is advise to have TubeBuddy to help grow thier channels..so im still trying to understand hows tubebuddy works.
As i'm trying my best to learn, understand and be updated on youtube and how to create and start a channel...i believe this is the best community to get advises and to learn from each and everyone's experiences.
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: LEARN . Learn how to create a descent channel ! ( Mine's a mess ) I don't have any experience, i have difficulty using computer and doing graphics etc... But im trying my very best to learn.
GROW . As i learn...i'm hoping it would grow and be successful channel.
INSPIRE . im hoping my music channel could inspire and brings back memories, hope and happiness inspite of this covid crisis or lockdown worldwide and i wish everybody to have fun listening to my music as i enjoyed making my channel.
How frequently do you upload? I aim to upload twice a week. Wednesday and Sunday maybe.
What are your hobbies? Lawn Tennis, Darts, cooking/baking, read books and yes of course singing ( my singing helps Covid virus to go away ) that's why it's good that i shoud stick to listening to music instead !
What is your biggest dream? Before i use to dream being a doctor/ be an olimpic tennis player ( too late for that though) and now be a successful youtuber.
YouTube Channel Link:
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Hey there :) seems you're a music channel, I'm curious to know how you typically make your music? Are you a traditional musician or a digital musician? :) SILTHW has posted the relevant rules that are key to know for this forum. Be sure to take a look around, this forum has been here for several years so there's tons of threads about growing for you to read as well :)