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Channel Milestone 600 subs AND 200k views!


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Just reached 600 subs and a couple weeks prior 200k views!

2020 has been full of hard work and progress. I started the channel in 2015, but was never consistent. I'd do videos in spurts.

2020 was the first year I really had a plan to keep content rolling with the goal of a minimum of 2 videos a month, and it's been paying off. I've been able to keep the goal, for the most part, sometimes got more than 2 vids ou t. The sub count hasn't taken off like a rocket, like I've seen with similar channels, but it's still progress and it's been consistent.

I've surpassed the 4k watched hours in 365 days, and now just need 400 subs until monetization, just one of my goals. I've had a lot of fun this year building the channel and interacting with people who have left comments, and I've learned a lot in terms of editing, lighting, etc. I hope to hit 700 subs in January and make 2021 even better. The sub pace has been pretty decent, but maybe one day they'll have a meteoric increase. :)