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Gaming Channel Gaming Collaboration!


New Member
User name: NeezzyGRP
Title: Gaming Collaboration!
Age: 18-29
Type of collaboration: I play games such as: GTA V, TLOU factions Map (The Last Of Us Multiplayer), Rogue Company, DBD (Dead By Daylight), NBA Live, Gang Beasts etc. I play on PS4.
Amount of Subscribers: 346
Ways to contact you: Ig: NeezzyGRP
Twitter: NeezzyGRP
Why should they collaborate with you: I bring much more to the table than making gaming vids. I bring personally a vast majority of people can vibe with, I'm very laid back with some sarcastic, dark, childish sense of humor. I put in much hard work into making my vids entertaining for everyone not just my subs.
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/NeezzyGRP
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