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YouTube Question Does Discussion get you more views and subs

Beanie Draws

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What do you mean by discussion? Technically speaking it COULD. The key is obviously to make the point of any discussion NOT to get views and subs, no one wants to feel like the only reason you want to talk to them is because you want their numbers.

BUT if you mean as a general discussion thing that generally gets your "Brand" known, I'd say that's a big yes.

So I've been in the community for a long time now. I guess I've built a reputation for wanting to help people out where I can. No goal there, I just like chatting with people and giving my advice from my own observations, and if that helps people, then fantastic! But because of that reputation, occasionally I will have people curious about my channel, so they'll check me out. I don't advertise my channel other than my signature, if someone comes to visit my channel, I want them to be genuinely interested in it, not for arbitrary views and subs. Besides, it's watch time that counts. A subscriber that doesn't watch your videos isn't actually helping you. 1000 subscribers doesn't mean you'll be guaranteed to get 1000 views per video, so sub goals are just a nice pat on the back. 1000 views are great in theory, but if 1000 people only watched 10 seconds of your 10 minute video just to give you a number, they don't actually care about your content that much, so the goal of wanting subs and views from discussion in my opinion tends to be a bit pointless.

BUT, I've had people leave comments such as "I've seen you in (insert random live stream or video comment) and I decided to check you out, love your content!" THOSE kinds of comments, generally mean they genuinely are interested in your content. As long as they're not saying "check me out" or have no ulterior motive for their own gain, it generally means they actually like your content, which means they will actually watch your content, will enjoy your content, and will return for future videos, so yeah, discussion can get more views and subs. But I wouldn't say that's the point, but there's no doubt that building a community that cares about you results in subs and views as a result.