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YouTube Question Better videos


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The good news is creativity is free. So the most important part of making good videos costs absolutely nothing. But if you are worried about the equipment, here is a blueprint.

Start with your phone and any basic free app for editing. Use free sites like Canva for thumbnails. Your first "upgrade" should be an external mic and a cheap cage to hold your phone and the mic. After that add a light. That basic setup should hold you until you can save up for an upgrade.

Use that setup to practice making good content that people watch. Pay attention to audience retention and average view duration. Those are indicators that you have solid content. Work on your thumbnails to drive up CTR. Pay close attention to what works and what doesn't.
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How can i make better videos on a low income ?
"better" is subjective, but if you can control your lighting and sound, that's a good start. Editing helps a lot. My old videos are so full of long drawn out boring pauses, a lot of dead air that could have been edited out, so I edit those out now. If you're watching your video and you find it a little boring, your audience definitely will.

Knowing how to craft a story, or even just a good point will help a lot too. You want your videos to be punchy. Essentially you want to be keeping someone's attention every 5-10 seconds, and supposedly it's good to have a cut every 5-10 seconds.

Build a good library of b-roll. Having more than one static camera shot can help keep things interesting.

At the end of the day you can have the best visual and sound quality, but if your topic is boring, or your delivery is boring, people won't want to watch. Make the content itself interesting, to the point, don't waste your audience's time, and that will make your videos "better"

It's definitely a tough one, and really only comes with time and experience. and study, always be studying and learning techniques. You don't need expensive equipment to tell an interesting story.