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Subscriber Milestone 10,000 Subscribers!

Actuary Elle

New Member
I recently hit the 10,000 subscriber mark!

A little about me: I posted my first YouTube video in November 2009. Have gone through phases posting consistently and phases of not posting for years in a row.

I made my current channel in 2017. It is very niche and very nerdy. I post videos about being an actuary. It's super heartwarming and validating because the community is so small. I get messages from people saying they love my content. When I go to actuarial recruitment events, there are always students telling me that they love my videos, or that I'm the reason they chose to become an actuary (insane!)

I'm coming off of a long stretch of no posting / inconsistent posting, so the algorithm isn't giving me much love at the moment (not surprising), but I'm sure that with consistent effort, it'll pick up a bit.