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YouTube Question What have you done to gain new audience / like minded audience ?

kitchen c/o ammama

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I know out there , there are many who will be interested to watch simple, easy , tasty , healthy & Traditional recipes but I don't know how to let them find me.

Should I Introduce myself in others comments sections or post reels on insta or what to do ? I am unsure how to let others discover me ...

Please share your experiences .. :)


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Your post has me thinking about food because you said recipes and I'm hungry haha.

Anyway, I've sometimes experimented with different types of videos. This is when I had a bunch of videos I was posting daily get like 4,000 views the first day that they were posted. And one of those videos got 11,000 in the first day!

After that I've created more videos on that same game to create more videos for the audience that came for those videos. Plus it is a game I really enjoy playing.

I know this doesn't got to do with food videos, but maybe same type of idea?

I've also posted a pinned comment in the comment section asking what kind of videos they want or if they have video requests for that game. This lets them express themselves to me in the comments in saying what they want. It also tells the viewers a bit about my personality because those comments I make show I care about what the viewer wants to see.
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