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Need Advice Making A Playlist With Other Channel's Videos


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Hi I'm new. Hope I'm using the forum correct. I just started a channel a month ago. I know the answer is to make more content, etc.. I'm working on this. 22 videos and working on more.

I'm focused on expat planning and travel. I created a playlist, (something like) "Expat's Guide To Music From The 80s & 90s." Mostly for fun. It took an hour to put together.

Maybe someone will find the playlist in a search. More people searching for Johnny Cash, etc.. If they're expats, maybe they'll check out my channel. Who knows, might get a few subscribers. I also read it "may" help show up in recommended videos on those larger channels.

If they're on my channel watching a Baja video (until I get more content) rather than leave, they might watch a music clip. If I understand, I'll get credit for the viewers session time.

Again, my ultimate goal is to keep the viewer on my channel. But, while I'm new I need to be realistic. Plus, I like the idea of sharing my music pics, etc.. I'd like to have these tunes in my videos. I can't do that and hope to monetize.

My main concern and question:

The videos in (my playlist) are directed to (another channel.) Even though they're copywrite music, will this hurt (my channel) in any way?

I'd like a chance to monetize one day. So I'll take the playlist down if it's going to hurt me. I put it up 24 hours ago. I've been keeping an eye on a copywrite strike. I didn't think that would happen. So far, so good.

I'll guess this is ok, and my viewer time any copywrite issues are based solely on my content. But, I'm not 100% sure. Thanks.
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You are only going to get views (and subsequently copyright claims├╛issues etc) on your own content. So while a playlist with videos from other creators can be helpful in getting you discovered and maybe even get a few views if it is popular you will not be getting views when the other videos in that playlist are seen. On the plus side you are also not responsible for copyright issues on their behalf.
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