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Thumbnail Feedback How could I make this thumbnail better?


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hey guys!
I was wondering if there is any way that I could make my thumbnail better. It is for the fortnite galactus event in a few days. Thanks!
Galactus Event Thumbnail.png


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Bring it in from the edges a bit and I think it looks good!

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I personally think there's far too much purple going on. I'd go with a differant colour background.
Yellow and Orange are the complimenty colours for purple on the colour wheel, so I'd try going with a bit of orange in the background too.

Also, if you have an actual shot of you playing as the character? that might be a more compelling shot.
And seems it's a live event, I'd add a little red glowing "live dot" in the top left corner. I've got no real data to indicate if the live dot actually does anything in a CTR way, but on YouTube, the title will say if you're streaming live, BUT I think visually having a red glowing dot in the top left corner really helps to give a strong visual indication that you were live, especially in replays.