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YouTube Question New YouTuber


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Hello, I am interested in beginning my YouTube channel and IΓÇÖve been doing a lot of research on how to start a channel. IΓÇÖm glad I came across TubeBuddy. I see lots of great reviews and IΓÇÖm excited to be part of the community. I was wondering who is allowed to do top a top 10? I always see top 10 craziest videos, top 10 funny moments. But are there certain YouTubers that are allowed to get access to these videos in order to create a top 10 list? I would like to do top 10 moment of certain tv shows.
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Hey there! So seems this isn't actually a question about TubeBuddy, I've moved this over to YouTube discussion. We've been having a lot of discussion latley about fair use and copyright content, so you need to be careful of HOW you do your top 10's.

I wouldn't recommend doing top 10 funny moments etc, as that's the easiest way to get your channel potentially deleted for copyright and spam. BUT you can certainly DISCUSS videos. There's lots of videos out there where people react to videos and give their own commentary and thoughts on different clips."ten second songs" did a video just recently where he reacted to "top ten worst vocal live performances" where he played clips for a few seconds, and then gave HIS input.

This is generally your best way to go about it. If you need to use clips, use as little of the clip as you can, and make sure if you do, you give it proper attributes such as where you discovered the ORIGINAL clip to give the original channel it's due credit. And then you transform that content into your own content with your own thoughts and perspectives.

Another channel is called "Aussie Man Reviews" who does comedic commentary over the top of popular clips.

With these channels there's still always the risk of getting a content claim, a content strike, or a takedown of your channel, so it's always a gamble. I'd be lying if I said I haven't watched a few top 10's in my time. Just do it creatively and don't just be lazy and slap 10 videos together into one video and hope to rake in the views.