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Other I want to know about tax return?


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I m running a youtube channel and just want to know how to file a tax return and I also have a GST number so is there any use of GST number for running a youtube channel I m new in this if anyone knows the detail kindly help. Thanks


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I don't know which country you are from, but the money you earn from YouTube will likely count as self-employment, and that's usually taxed differently from traditional employment. I would look in that direction to get a general idea of how it would work for you. I second what Craig said in looking for an accountant to get better information about this :)

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Depends on what country you are in!!!!!!
Talk to an accountant.
This. Talk to an accountant. An accountant in your country is the only person qualified to answer this question. You don't want to get the wrong tax information/advice from people who "might know" as governments don't tend to like when people do their tax wrong. So speak to an accountant.