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YouTube SEO How many keywords should I target in my title?


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Hi there,

I'm a beatmaker/producer trying to improve my youtube SEO.

All my uploads will be the same genre so I'm in a slightly strange position where this will be the SEO title I use on every one of them (other than the actual title of the composition).

My current title is two keywords I can potentially rank for, separated by a divider like this ;

Free Pop Smoke Type Beat 2021 | UK x NY Drill Instrumental Type Beat - "No Lie"

My question is whether it is better to target one keyword or two in my title?

If I did one keyword it would look like this ;

Free Pop Smoke Type Beat 2021 - "No Lie"

Also, these two keywords are related but would it be better if it was even more related like this ;

Free Pop Smoke Type Beat 2021 | 2021 Pop Smoke Type Beat - "No Lie"

Many thanks in advance


Stanley | Team TB

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No I think this is a good approach. My thought; You need to have that primo, number one keyword you are gunning for. That should be the very beginning of the title regardless of all else.

Then I would try to incorporate a second and if possible a third keyword in much the same way that you do, but with a little refinement. I see what you are doing but doubling up on the 2021 Pop Smoke Type Beat and Pop Smoke Type Beat 2021 is redundant. You may turn viewers away... this is where you want it to be a little more natural. I know you want to rank for 'Pop Smoke Type Beat 2021' as well as '2021 Pop Smoke Type beat' but I think there will be some natural tie-in between the two.

Here is an approach that I use in order to try and wrangle 3-5 keywords into my titles.

FREE Pop Smoke Type Beat
Pop Smoke Type Beat 2021
FREE Pop Smoke Type Beat 2021

This would make the title:

FREE Pop Smoke Type Beat 2021 | 'No Lie'

That is 40 characters... plenty of room to try and add in here. But it is going to be difficult; you have a beginning and an end keyword, which means that anything you add is going to be a second sentence. Not to mention if you do a series of 'FREE Pop Smoke Type Beat...' videos the actual title of the track is going to get lost at the end. You lose that and you lose the human element to this. For that reason I would leave this one at three keywords.


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Hey Stanley,

Thanks for your help again!

So am I right in thinking that I should just focus on the 'Pop Smoke' set of keywords and not waste time on hitting a second set in the 'UK x NY Drill...' Keywords?

Basically is it more effective to just hit one set of keywords like this than 2 related sets?

Hope that makes sense!

Thanks again



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There might be a maximum of three target keywords in the title. But, the one strong keyword is enough. Like I do in my blog