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YouTube Question Where can I post a request for someone to make a video out of a video game?

Nody | Team TB

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Hello I would like to know where do I post a request that would probably promote a product, can I, if so where to?

Heya Welcome!

Can you please elaborate more on what product you wish to promote? Do you mean you wish to promote the TubeBuddy Affiliate link or your youtube channel videos or likewise?

Beanie Draws

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Hello sorry for the late response in first place, It is a game that I made and I would like someone to test it thanks. : P
Interesting question, but this isn't about the TubeBuddy plugin so I've moved it to a more relevant area.

When getting someone to make a video on your game, that means someone's going to have to install it, so you're going to have to show a lot of evidence that your video game software is legit and safe to download first. There's been lots of unfortunate cases where YouTube creators have been approached to make videos on software for unknown developers and companies that end up taking over the channel, so because of that you have an uphill battle in terms of gaining trust from creators.

But if you can show enough evidence that the game is real and safe to install, I'd start approaching gaming channels and building a relationship first to grow that trust. There's plenty of gaming channels out there looking for games to play so you shouldn't have any problems there. So I'd approach some gamers with a well thought out, well crafted message to show you're serious and trust worthy. Maybe approach it from a collaboration standpoint.

That's how Game Theory, Markiplier and the developer of Five Nights at Freddies developed their relationships with each other. Also with the current success of Among Us. So I'd look into how they do it. Maybe put a call out on Twitter. Also Steam seems to have a community, and if your game is already on steam, that's even better!

Hope that gives you some food for thought :)