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Lifestyle Channel Exercise Duo


New Member
User name: Motherwool
Title: Exercise Duo
Age: 38
Type of collaboration: I would like to do an exercise duo with anyone who is on a weight loss journey as I am. The video will be a battle, you could watch the last one I did with a Youtuber from Kenya. I pick 3 exercise moves, you pick 3 and we will go to battle, to see who holds out for the longest performing the exercise move.
Amount of Subscribers: 46
Ways to contact you: Motherwoolmotherkool@gmail.com
Why should they collaborate with you: I am a fitness enthusiast and have been one with my mind, for many many years now however, since August this year 2020, I recently became one with my body and my spirit. I became quite passionate about healthy eating and exercising, and with help developed lasting discipline and control over food, coupled with the ability to be consistent with exercising. I wish to inspire, motivate and encourage people to achieve their fitness/weigh loss goals.
My channel is Motherwool motherkool, which consists of playlists, with different videos available to watch, I think what makes me unique is, I am a jack of all trades and master of many!
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkfhPBdPzBdrYBpzThIRDFg?view_as=subscriber