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Need Advice Youtube Channel with mixed theme?


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I need guidance here on a couple of things.

I have created a YouTube channel with the theme of Home and Garden means all indoor, outdoor plants care and propagation, gardening, and everything to do with the home (DIY, home appliance review, tips, tricks, cooking etc..).

So far I have started videos with indoor, outdoor plants care and propagation, gardening etc.. but subscribers are slowing adding up. If I add other videos like DIY, home appliance review, tips, tricks, cooking etc..), is it going to disappoint existing subscribers and they might leave? Is it ok to mix home and garden related videos into a single channel or itΓÇÖs confusing and people might not subscribe due to a mix of two themes?

The goal of the channel is to help the community and also benefit financially by monetising the content.

My channel is here for your reference.

Appreciate your suggestions.


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Looks like you have 16 videos (if I counted right), so you are still in that "find your audience" part of the process. You may want to expand a bit and see what your audience wants to see before narrowing to that content. You'll find threads here about using "release days" and playlists to separate the content and make it easier for the audience to find.
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