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TubeBuddy How many videos do yall update a week?

on a dark night

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I try and do around two a week but I've really really struggled to find time during the past month or so , I'm actually going to sit down and devise a plan where I'm going to be hopefully more consistent so I'm going to try and set aside a day where I can make a few and schedule them so it give's me some breathing room .


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We just moved up to 2 a week in the last 6 weeks. Just one of our videos is sometimes high on production but we figured out a way to squeeze in a smaller second one. WeΓÇÖre hoping it helps get us more views.


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i try to do every other day. For the moment im doing Rate My Match COD videos so it depends on how decent the match was.

Travel Interesante

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At this rate it's working out to be about 0.8 to 0.16 lol. In other words I haven't published in 3 months. This year I wanted to get out a video each month, ideally I'd love to get one out a week, but 2020 has been a struggle for many on a motivation standpoint.

Always good to know we aren't alone. It has been a video roughly every 10-14 days when we wanted to do a video a week. Pushing through the edit is sometimes rather difficult from a motivation standpoint.

Tito Tim

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I did 3 a week for a year or so, then went back to 2 a week. I try to keep 3-6 videos uploaded and scheduled in advance to give me some breathing room. Relieves the stress when I am ahead of schedule. I have only 1 scheduled at the moment, but have 9 in various states of editing...