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YouTube Question Does adding metadata to the video make a difference?


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Does adding metadata to the video make a difference? For instance, naming the video file and adding tags to the video file itself? Will this help with ranking etc
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Beanie Draws

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The name of the video itself makes no difference but technically the content of the video it'self, what you say etc DOES make a difference.
Google is constantly scanning your content from by frame to decide what your video is about, this is why if you include uncensored swear words, you'll get either demonetized or age restricted. If you swear within the first 10-30 seconds of your video, YouTube knows this and will demonetize your video.
You'll notice a lot of people saying the title of their video at the very start of their video. Something like "In this video I'm going to do (Insert the title of the video)" and that does add a little weight to the metadata.

Think about it this way, if YouTube is scanning what you say with auto captioning (and making mistakes occasionally leading to demonetization and such when it misinterprets your words occasionally) then it's also scanning what you're saying and using those words as additional metadata.
If you make a video about TubeBuddy, and you keep saying TubeBuddy in the video, that will add extra weight to your metadata. How much weight I'm not sure about, but every little bit adds an ingredient to the overall recipe. Good captioning might only add 5% boost to your overall video metadata, but that 5% added with another 5% of something else, plus 10% or say thumbnails, a small percentage being your overall branding, playlists etc, it all adds up.

The name of video file itself I'm sure makes no differance because you should be changing that anyway for the title.
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Stanley | Team TB

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@Beanie Draws is exactly right. File names etc in the video are not monitored... but everything from the pallette and imagery of your thumbnail to the things you say and even the pallette, imagery and mood of your video/audio content are scanned via Google Brain. While these things might not weigh as heavily as other factors (Beanie also nails his representation of their value IMO) they do make a difference that warrants at least being aware of.
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