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Official What's Your Christmas Day Meal Like?


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I've always seen that turkey is a common meal for Christmas in the US but being Latino we have our own dish that we specifically have to make every year. In our household roasted pork shoulder with rice and pigeon peas, macaroni salad and fried plantains is the most common meal. But if we wanna go full-blown Puerto Rican we cook the whole pig on a stick spinning over a fire on the ground. Another Christmas tradition for us is our version of eggnog we call Coquito which is made of coconut milk, coconut cream, evaporated and condensed milk, cinnamon and for those looking for a fun time, some Bacardi.

I've always wanted to try a turkey for Chrismas but tradition always wins the day. Maybe someday.

What about you?


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I'm gonna come hang with you @Brave Starr!

For me, well this is going to sound strange. My wife and I got so irritated with our respective parents over where we were going to spend Christmas, we decided to make Christmas "our" holiday and have spent all but 1 Christmas since we got married in the Caribbean. This year we will spend it at home and I will genuinely miss day drinking tropical drinks followed by a nice Caribbean-inspired dinner. That realization just hit us and we've been trying to decide what we are going to do this year!


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Has to be a Turkey roast dinner with all the trimmings for me, always awkward though as my young children ain't a lover of cooked dinner so end up having to make them different stuff, benefits of that there's more for me and their mum to eat.

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We used to have a classic christmas roast, but the last few years with health issues in the family, we've tended to go to all you can eat buffet, typically roast beef, chicken, pork roast potatoes etc.

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Back in the US we never had a big christmas dinner in my family. Maybe a family potluck. I like to make samosas. Hopefully someone brings a big ham.
On christmas eve I always ordered Chinese delivery to eat, while assembling the kid's toys ha ha

Now, in the Philippines, we generally end up at the mall for christmas, and get some fast food like pizza or fried chicken.