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YouTube Question my subscriber reduced


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It is normal for your subscriber count to fluctuate a bit, so I wouldn't worry about it as long as there wasn't a significant drop. If you go to analytics and see that people are unsubscribing on a specific video, then maybe you could look into that video to see what is up with that video to see if something specific might be causing it. But overall, it is normal for your subscriber count to fluctuate a bit especially early on. As your channel grows bigger, you won't notice those few subscribers unsubscribing as much because more people will continue to subscribe with time and efforts.


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Mine dropped a bit too a few days ago but on the grand scheme of things it's not hurting the growth.

Probably some dead account got removed.

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There are many many reasons for losing subscribers. I wouldn't worry about it unless it's a consistent thing. If your subscriber loss is consistent then it's perhaps your content that needs improving.

Another important element that you need to be honest about... Have you partaken in sub trading? the old "sub for sub"? because if you have, that's also why you're seeing a sub drop.