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YouTube Tips Channel came with blessings


New Member
I have four channels that I started several years ago and with no intention of becoming a Youtuber. My intention was to keep my lecture recorded somewhere so that would help me when I am retired and writing my books.
When I checked my channels, the one that contained the intervention of my guest Elders coming to explain their cosmology to my students. I was surprised to find I had 1.5K subscribers and 41K views! Blessings, I say, because those lectures were conversations I had with an Algonquin holy man, Jacob (Mowegan) Wawatie. That sent me a powerful signal of the importance of the wisdom of mature cultures, I am part of. Nowadays I am trying to master a free video edting software and manage other related technologies and keep on uploading very well-received videos.
This has become my mission and I am anxious to master the usage of these technologies, including TubeBuddy. I am also trying to get to the Legend license. A lot to do! I wish I can help to anyone that asks me for help. As an indigenous Elder, my main responsibility is to SHARE.
Be well, good people!


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