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YouTube Opinion What do you do if your channel is not growing?


Life ain't no Nintendo Game
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Hello @Josh Tan, I was looking at your channel and here's what I noticed.

You seem to have started your channel with animations and effects for videos but then switched to gaming a year ago. This can make it hard for a channel to grow when you have so much content related to something other than gaming and your current subscriber count is likely from your effects video days. Gaming is a genre that's very difficult to grow in because the amount of competition is huge. It's a very saturated genre. But it can be done and it's gonna take time.

Beanie Draws

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There are a lot of ingredients to channel success. After a bit of time you notice that some ingredients are more important than others. The biggest thing is Thumbnail quality, TOPIC, and title.
If your views are dropping, it could be that the topics you're choosing aren't interesting to your target audience. I had this issue last year when I went from tutorial videos to speed drawings. My views flatlined because people weren't as interested in watching me invent dinosaurs. I just had to adjust my topics to what worked for me.

Also, an uninteresting topic, next to a thumbnail that isn't very interesting will mean people are less likely to click. So when your views and subs slow down, it's time to start analysing your videos, analyse your audience retention to see if people are jumping out of your video very early on indicating maybe your topic isn't interesting compared to your topic and thumbnail. Time to start analysing your thumbnail, because if you have low CTR, regardless of your impressions, it means people aren't clicking, and thumbnaills are super important in getting a click. They say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but we all know if a newspaper doesn't have an interesting cover story, people won't go and look at it, and some with thumbnails. If the thumbnail looks uninteresting, people aren't going to click on it.

on a dark night

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I got some decent views (for me at least) and some decent and honest feedback which I appreciate.
My subscriber total just doesn't move though regardless and I started to look at why.
I don't have the best voice especially for narrating which may be a problem as I narrate my horror stories and true horror vids but that's something I will have to somehow work around.
I have a very dry sense of humour but I find myself just reading out the true horror stories with barely any humour and I think it may not work as well as they're very dry and dare I say it 'sound a bit boring' regardless of the story as viewing retention is a problem so I may have to jazz it up a touch.
My original idea was to showcase my fictional horror and also a facts based show about some of my favourite horror and scifi films and yet because I struggle to find time now for various reasons I've drifted from that but I'm going to go back to that and see what the viewing figures are like and then concentrate more on whichever works.
I'd suggest looking at everything - I changed my thumbnails and I think they helped as they were more eye catching, I shortened my intros and making some decent credits and then realising they're not tv shows!! get straight to it.
I've looked the subject matter of my true horror cases videos and noticed certain 'types' are more popular so I'm going to gear more towards those themes explored in my more watched videos (everybody seems to love serial killers!).
I think you should look at your analytics and be a bit hard on yourself and try and change or get rid of the parts of your channel that don't work even if you're fond of them. I know I will be .