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Need Advice outro or not


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I would suggest using those last 20 seconds YouTube gives you to show your channel logo and other videos to watch by using an outro or endscreen. This helps show off other videos you could get viewers to click through. if you're gonna do an outro make it short and to the point. You wanna make sure they see the subscribe logo and next video to watch at the end.
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Stanley | Team TB

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I take this a step further: do not give any hint that the video is over. It needs to end fairly abruptly and the endscreens should be on screen about 8 seconds. This will make an impact on your retention. It isnt fun to do, but the results are significant.

Relentluss Gaming

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On most of my videos I do as Stanley said, just end the video with no notion that it is ending and send them to an end screen with the subscribe button plus a video and a playlist


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in the end of video we can gave endscreen video and subscriber suggested, my question is without endscreen should we put outro?ty
You don't really need an outro because the moment you say "thank you for watching" or something similar, viewers will often see that as "oh, that's the end of the video" and immediately click to the next video instead of sticking to the end.

Like what the others have said, just end the video without even letting the viewers know.
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I have a very short reminder that any products in my videos have links in the description, followed by me pointing at my end screen elements telling the user what clicking on each will do.
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kitchen c/o ammama

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Definitely Outro is Helpful but one needs to be tactful of how they represent it.

The Best Outro so far I have seen is of Tubebuddy's Outro where @Andrew's video starts to shrink to one corner and subscribe button + video / playlist appear on the rest screen space.

Without even giving an hint of ending video, the video starts to shrink and interested content appears on the rest screen space. I absolutely loved that idea and it seemed perfect to me.
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Beanie Draws

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You want an outro, but not in the typical "thanks for watching bye" kind of way. When you get to the conclusion, have your end cards show up be all "and make sure to check out this video where I'll talk about ......" you basically want to pass the viewer straight into another video. If you don't use an end screen and someone actually makes it that far, you've essentially stopped some free views and extra watch time by cutting off the session.

It's such a difficult habit to get out of, but I'm trying really hard to not even mention the video is ending and be all "If you liked this video, you'll want to check out this video right here where I'll show you...." and it's best to already know in advanced what video you'll push to when ending your video. You want it related to so people naturally want to continue the watch session.
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