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Mobile Gear setting mid to hight quality


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A cinematic look is typically a combination of frame rate (24fps) and lighting techniques. Assuming that's what you meant by your question

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As SILTHW just mentioned, but you can also get additional lenses for your phone. Look into "Moment Anamorphic lens"

Anamorphic lenses are used in cinema and help make the frame much wider, they also change how lens flare work which is what some directors use to add creative artistic touches. Remember that you CAN add extra lenses onto your phone with adaptors and phone lenses are getting better with wide angle, telephoto and anamorphic lenses.

Then, if you want a visual cinematic look, you'll want to tweak your colour grading a little bit which you can do in post production. If your footage is a bit shakey, look into getting a gimble, as that will help give you smooth fluid motions in your footage, and after all that you can also add some black bars at the top and bottom for some extra cinematic style.

Lighting is a whole art in itself, and essentially all filming is, is light reaching the sensor... so it's how you use and play with light and distort light artistically that will add to your cinematic style.