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Channel Milestone I hit 3 milestones at one time Γÿ║∩╕Å


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If you didn't read my introduction thread please go to it.. I just started on here so I really don't know how to tag it lol but I basically was stating that I come from a rough up bringing. I AM SOOOOO happy I finally passed 55 subscriber. I have 57! I passed 40 uploads. I have 42. and I passed 2,500 views. I have 2,600. Those number may seen VERY LOW because they are to some of you. However for me..... they're high. I remember starting from zero. I had no one to invest in me. I had no one willing to promote me . I had no one helping me. MOST OF ALL I HAD NO ONE WILLING TO MAKE VIDEOS WITH ME. Till this day I still have no one willing to do these thing. I have no support but I still push myself, support myself, promote myself. No my channel not growing fast like others but its growing. & IM PROUD OF IT ☺️ pat on the back to the ones that really dont have hope but still GO. I LOVE YOU GUYS WE WILL BE BIG ONE DAY! 3,000, 50 & 60 Im chasing you. IF you haven't come join KING KREW!

ItsurgirlKing & I was crowned King at birth.


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