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YouTube Tips Do you pre-produce your videos?

Tyler Durden

New Member
Because I knew it would take a while to get started in the beginning I planned on just making 3 months worth of videos before I started uploading/posting them. My niche isn't time/trend sensitive and I didn't want to feel any pressure of a deadline. But somehow, somewhere I ended up making 18 months worth of videos ahead of time (about 150 videos).

I'm just curious how people do there own channels? Do you make a few videos and then schedule them? Do you make a lot?

DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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Damn I wish I could have 150 videos pre-made and ready to go, but IΓÇÖm more of a film it, then edit it, then upload it, mostly within a 7 day week, sometimes if itΓÇÖs planned well, I can film 2 or even 3 videos in one sitting, time is a luxury I donΓÇÖt have, however, I am absolutely satisfied with where my channel is, and not discouraged but rather pumped to keep the uploads going :blush: :)
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I prefer to be at my desk when a video goes live, so I'm able to distribute across other social channels at the same time. So I don't make use of scheduling. As for pre-making months worth of videos, who has time for that :)


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I think the challenge is this - what if you make a bunch of the wrong videos? What if you find out that your niche isn't working and you need to adjust? If you are OK with that risk, then go for it. But being able to respond to what your viewers want might outweigh the work to pre-record a lot of videos.

Stanley | Team TB

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I almost always try to film multiple videos at a time, and this has led me to a gentle stockpile of videos in my queue. I actuslly just uploaded our last November video. This gives me the time i need to plan better fishing trips (instead of suffering through poor westher for the sake of filming) and affords me the time i need to edit well. I find that confort zone invaluable as it also allows me to take time off stress free when i need it.


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Pre-produce is great but not too far ahead I suppose. I pre-produce many so I can free up my days ahead to do other things.


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I'm pre-producing most of the content, and try to keep about a month worth of material scheduled in Youtube. I have found that this will keep my stress level low, as I do not have to worry about the next video all the time and allow taking time off whenever necessary, without impact on the channel.

Tito Tim

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I like to pre-produce as I can. Generally I post 3 vids a week and have 2 or 3 weeks scheduled. Generally... right now I am out. I have one going public tomorrow morning, and it is the last one made. I need to get back to work. I accidentally took 3 weeks off... ha ha. (but I have 6 shot, not edited)

I have a travel/expat channel so nothing is time sensitive.