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Entertainment Channel Transformation of Cars


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User name: safaya
Title of introduction: Transformation of Cars
Your name/ Alias: James
Where are you from? Indonesia
How did you find TubeBuddy? Google
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Getting Friend and to improve my channel
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: get millions of subscriber
How frequently do you upload? weekly
What are your hobbies? Football
What is your biggest dream? The best Youtuber
YouTube Channel Link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCwXCo2YSHQ9F4MN9Ka4iKZQ


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Hi there safaya! Welcome to the community where there are lots of nice people who share the same interest of making youtube videos that you can become friends with and support them while they help support you (by providing tips, giving feedback, and congratulating you when you reach milestones). I hope you are doing great in life right now and that everything is going smoothly, as smooth as things can go with how they've been this year.
Do you play football or just watch football or both? Just curious

DOn't forget to read the forum rules and forum board guidelines before posting on the forums to make sure you understand what is expected of you in each area of the forums. Good luck on your channel, and hope to see you around so your channel can grow while you connect with other YouTubers in this community.

Note: You might see an error at the bottom of your messages. This is because you are missing the subscriber button that goes in place of that error. I am giving you a link that will guide you into putting the subscriber button in place of that error. https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/180/


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Hello and welcome. Each board has stickied/pinned posts that make a good first-read. Lots of answers to the most frequent questions.

It's worth taking a moment to read the forum rules and FAQ. The details on how to get access to all of the boards is there:


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Hey safaya, welcome to the forums! This is a great place to meet other creators and hear their strategies and advice for improving your channel. Best of luck with YouTube ΓÇö if you stick with it, you might reach millions of subscribers one day :)


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Hello @safaya, welcome to our community. There's a lot to find in our forums so remember to look around and ask questions if you have any in the proper sections.

Please remember to read our Forum Rules and the rules for each section to ensure a better experience.

If you want to fix your YouTube button go to your account details and search for the YouTube section in the image below and simply put your channel ID only.