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YouTube Question Impressions tab is driving me crazy!

Just About Random

New Member
Hey guys,

I finally got a video up and running (woohoo!) and I'm still trying to wrap my head arounds the analytics aspect. The one thats giving me a headache is the impressions tab. It says on the analytics tab that I've had 14 impressions, the impression click-through rate is something like 114% and the views at 4. Also in the sort of reverse pyramid below those statistics it states I've had 14 impression (same as the top number), 114% click-through rate and, this is where it gets confusing, it says I've had 16 views from impressions, even though it says I've only had 4?

I'll admit and say my fiancee thought it'd be funny to watch it a couple times through so I'm assuming thats skewed with the numbers slightly? Any help explaining this analytic tool for dummies would be a great help!



Beanie Draws

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I'm not good with the maths, but my gut would say because you're in the beginning stage, your video link has been seen 14 times (appearing on someone's screen 14 times) and it's possible you shared with a friend, or someone wanted to watch your video twice, so if you get clicked more times than impressions (when someone watches multiple times) it can show more than 100%

The views are the part that's tricky as YouTube will often "qualify/verify" the views to make sure they weren't from bots, or even from yourself (when I load up my own video so I can review and check to make sure everything's working well and to leave a pinned comment, sometimes YouTube will show that as a view. I also have a few videos never set public that I've watched a few times as tests, and those views have shown, but they "shouldn't" count as they are from me, not someone else)

So those are the reasons the data might not be consistent.

These are a lot easier to notice when you're starting, but once you're getting a few hundred, and then a few thousand views, you won't notice the discrepancies as much.