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YouTube Tips How To Gain Views And Subs

Cryptic Falcon

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TubeBuddy Is The Best In Terms of Tags And Keyword Explore. I Have Been Using TubeBuddy For Over 10-11 Months And I Find It Easy To Use As It Is Not Complicated. TubeBuddy Gives You A Wide Range Of Tags Which Will Help Your Video Rank Or Even Ranking In LiveStreams. Using TubeBuddy I Have Grown My Channel To Over 1.78k Subs. So let's Go With The Title How To Use TubeBuddy To Gain Views And Subs First When You Are Uploading Make Sure To Go To The Tag Section and Let Your First Tag Be Related To Your Video Then Below Tags You Will Find TubeBuddy's Recommended Tags Make Sure You Use All The Tags. And Make Sure To Pick 2-4 Important Tags Which Is Ranking Then Simply Copy And Paste Those 2-4 Tags In Your Video Description And Then You Are Good To Go. One More Tip Which I Guess A Youtuber Known Be Consistent With Your Uploads. You Can Upload On A Daily Basis Or You Can Upload On A Alternative Days Basis (Make Sure You Inform Your Audience About Your Upload Schedule.

That's It For Today Guys These Are My Tips.
If I Discover More Tips During My Youtube Journey I Will Make Sure To Share It Over Here.


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You need to make sure that ALL of your tags are related to your video, because using tags that aren't related to your video is against YouTube terms of service. You can use the TubeBuddy tag suggestions and sort them by "relevance" so that you get tags that are most relevant to your video.
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