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Lifestyle Channel Colab for spreading positivity and happiness

Retouching Life

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User name: Retouching Life
Title: Colab for spreading positivity and happiness
Age: 30
Type of collaboration: Looking for a channel with the same idea about life
Amount of Subscribers: 93
Ways to contact you: Thread reply
Why should they collaborate with you: What could be more helpful for anyone in this world than to spread positivity and happiness all over. My channel is all about looking at life from a different perspective, so that we can find happiness all around us, and we can value all that we have, before its too late.

Looking for a colab with someone with a similar positive approach for life. We can grow together to reach a higher number of masses and spread more positivity and happiness all around.
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWGc7wsTqFLuvMQmxZbk2SQ
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