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Channel Milestone 7 MILLION views!

Beanie Draws

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I'm usually not one to boast, but I am particularly proud of this one. I'm proud of the fact I have more than double, sometimes triple the views of many other channels in my same subscriber range as me (28k) and one particular area I can gloat about, is that I sometimes have double, the overall views, that some 100k+ channels have. This is proof that it isn't always about subscribers, and that evergreen content, and having an archive of videos that can be watched year round, can really help in the view department.

I have videos from 2015 that are still generating me huge views for my size, simply because I managed to focus on a topic that interests people all year round (helped by the fact Jurassic Franchise is still very popular) Dinosaurs + Art + Jurassic Park + peoples favorite dinosaurs + Having some decent skills (I don't like to boast, but I will credit myself for being able to draw decently) = higher than I expected views even with an inconsistent posting schedule.

Evergreen content for the win.



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Congratulations! That is a big milestone. :)