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I think this would be cool. Then we could help translate what each other is saying in our own language that we speak, so that more viewers could understand what is being said in the video. So for example, my main language is English so I speak English in all my videos, but someone that submits translations/captions for my video could have Spanish as their main language and decide to submit their translation in Spanish. But I also think that after a translation is submitted, they should go to a section for the creator to review and accept, that way there is no false translations or things that have nothing to do in the video written inside the translations/captions.
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Po pierwsze, to wymaga tłumaczenia tutaj ...

I tak, to świetny pomysł. Moglibyśmy sobie pomóc. Ale jak to zostanie wdrożone?
Tak to by byl bardzo dobry pomysl

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