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YouTube Help An insight into how recommended works - Straight from YouTube themselves.

Beanie Draws

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So this was an interesting video that goes into more detail about how recommended and suggested works
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4qXzri4rd0

It does seem to go against what they've said in the past, but I suspect they've tweaked some things so as not to "punish" channels who haven't found their footing yet when it comes to bad videos and their effects on recommendations.
In the past it was said that the more poor performing videos you create, means the less likely you are to be recommended because "why would we recommend a video if people aren't willing to watch through" and that a history of bad performing videos would most likely mean future videos would have a harder time to be recommended. However, they seemed VERY careful to word their answers in a way to not totally disprove it, but also not to put creators into a sense of panic that poor performing videos will hurt their channel overall.

They also confirmed that there is no limit to how many videos can be recommended per day from your channel, but you only get 3 notifications per day per channel. So if you publish 4 times a day (rare, but some channels like watchmojo used to do it) only 3 of those videos will have a notification sent out and the 4th won't.

Interesting to watch. It seems with SOME topics, YouTube are VERY careful with how they explain things so as to not cause panic unintentionally. But they've also learned from things such as caption changing, playlist changing, and other changing... some answers aren't going to be taken well by the creator, so it's best to not completely answer so as to not make themselves look less popular *cough-likeelections-cough*

Stanley | Team TB

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Mmmm... i think I heard the 'e' word in there. Guess who's gonna get the shadowban!


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Notice the one thing they didn't say? Nothing about subscriber count having anything to do with it.
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