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YouTube Help Advanced settings issue


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I see videos on YouTube about setting up my channel and there is one setting in Advanced Settings that says:

'Allow my channel to appear in other channels recommendations'

However, when I go to the advanced settings of MY channel, the ONLY 2 options are:

I go to settings
I then go to Channel
I then go to Advanced Settings
I scroll down to 'Other Settings'
My choices are:
Manage YouTube Settings
Remove YouTube Content
Advanced Channel Settings

All I get is what is pictured below. There is obviously NO choice here for me to set to
'Allow my channel to appear in other channel recommendations'

So.... What do I need to know about this?
How do I set my channel so it will show up in other channel recommendations?

YouTube Advanced Settings.png


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Well, they have definitely moved that setting. Right now they are making a bunch of changes. They are changing how comments are managed and have rolled out changes to how the tagging options are displayed. My best suggestion is to give it a few days for the dust to settle and try again.
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I have the same problem until now (01/23/2021). Anyone knows how to access it if YT placed it somewhere?
Thank you for your help.