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Camera Gear Raspberry pi HQ as static camera

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So Raspberry pi released the HQ camera (12.3mp) that can use a CS or C mount lens. Has anyone tired using this for vlogging or youtube videos ?

For the video i have planned i am considering using 5 or 6 cameras for a static camera setup and then use something like Open Broadcast Software to film. The issue im having is that i could easily use 6 Canon M50 but that would be overly expensive So this is why i am considering the RP HQ camera because although it would require some coding work for me i could set up each camera for around 100 dollars so my whole setup would cost the same as a single M50 camera.

Has anyone used this camera for vlogging or tried out cs or c mount lens before and can recommend which one is best? alternatively can anyone suggest another camera that has a USB or HDMI out that could be used with OBS ?

As far as i can find there isnt much about this camera since its so new but i think with its versatility and price it could be a game changer for us Youtubers looking for a multi cam setup.


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What's your use case? Do you really need 5-6 cameras? Because you are looking at a bit of a USB/HDMI nightmare. You can get a decent 4-camera HDMI switcher and do your switching there rather than in software to cut out some of the complexity, but going above 4 inputs will raise the cost quite a bit.