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YouTube Question Tips to prevent burnout


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I always wondered - how do the bigger creators (who put out rapid content after content) go on and on without burning out? I am struggling vastly with this issue so please any tips would be amazing!

Now For those well into the 5-figures of subscribers and up, what tends to be your biggest frustration as a creator?

Next-level problems :)


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I have seen even big Youtubers get burned out. What they did is they make an announcement video saying they were taking a short break (like a week) and then posted some things on their social media page (twitter, instagram, etc) to keep the viewers and subscribers that followed them on those platforms updated. But this way they get a breather from the filming, editing, and uploading that YouTube requires. But these Youtubers have hundreds of thousand or even millions of subscribers, so taking a week off probably doesn't affect their subscriber count much and if it does they gain so many subscribers a day that they don't really notice it. You can try checking out this video to see if the tips help you.
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNJ8LN_HBgU&ab_channel=RobertoBlake
You can also try searching for other videos on the subject to see if those tips help you too.

As for my biggest frustration, it is when my technology doesn't wanna work like it should (for example, last week my video editor refused to open at all passed the "creating video plug in factory" and I had to factory reset the app and uninstall it like 12 times to get it to work. Another headache I get when making videos is finding copyright free music to use in my videos that I actually like. I search the Youtube audio library for my music, and sometimes it can take me over an hour to decide on some music. I'm sure I'll think of more frustrations that I have sometimes when doing YouTube, but these are just a couple.