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YouTube Question cross recommending other youtubers


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Does anyone have any experience doing cross recommendations with other youtubers to get traffic for each other? So an example would be to mention to your subscribers to check out another Creator (your friend and their channel) and that friend would do the same for you.

I've even done this with links too

How has this worked for you in terms of getting noticeably more views and subs? Or not?
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Honestly unless you have a "fan base" I don't think that cross recommendations will work. What I mean is, unless the youtuber doing it actually has people that does what he asks for (which you will find on some bigger youtubers) I don't think it will work on a large scale. I've noticed this by myself as a viewer. When a smaller youtuber asks on the video to sub someone else, I rarely will do it, but if it is someone that I have been watching for months, I'll probably do it because I want to help out the person.
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This sounds like something you might do when collabing with another youtuber. When you collab with a youtuber in your niche, they will probably mention your channel in their video which could send their viewers and subscribers to your video to go along with their video. This I think would be the appropriate way to go about the cross recommendations thing because your channels would be in the same niche, so they would be recommending to people who are already interested in whatever niche they are in.
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Yeah you're better off doing a collaboration. Growing a community is far better than just growing a subcount and views. Growing a community between audiences (like you get between Nick Nimmin, Roberto Blake and Tubebuddy audiences etc) there will be a natural overlap.