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YouTube Question How to start affiliate marketing?


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I'm a new youtuber and would love to know about affiliate marketing. what are the trusted and highly paid affiliate marketing sites. Please feel free to mention how you earned using affiliate marketing!

Kari B

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I've used Amazon affiliate links for a while. I link any products I use in my video and it takes people to Amazon and they give me a small cut if they purchase something. Once you have enough subs (although they don't state how many) you can apply for a storefront so you have one link that takes viewers to a special page where you can put all the stuff you recommend - before that you need separate links for each product. It doesn't cost you anything, so I think it's worth the time to set one up.
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Beanie Draws

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Nick Nimmin did something about affiliate marketing fairly recently, and dee Nimmin and Dan IΓÇÖm pretty sure did a livestream about making money on a TubeBuddy livestream
View: https://youtu.be/tXMZb9JV2Ng

Roberto Blake has a whole wealth of affiliate marketing videos you can learn from
View: https://youtu.be/mHYPARVJXZo

also remember, if something is an affiliate link, you always must disclose that in your description and if you mention an affiliate link in your video.
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Stanley | Team TB

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Here's my 2 cents on Affiliate marketing: sign up for an Amazon Affiliate account now. Start practicing your sales pitch for links in the description.

If you do not garner 3 sales in something like 90 days your account gets automatically cancelled but you can immediately sign up for another account. When you do so you will need to go back and change your affiliate links on all your previous videos as your prior link will no longer be valid.

This process sucks, and hopefully you dont have to redo the account. But it is the quickest and easiest way to get your foot in the affiliate door.

FYI: Amazon knows when you order from your own links, you don't get credit for it. Somehow they've been able to identify my wife as well, we dont get credit for her purchases but myself and several friends all make sure to do all of our purchases on Amazon through each others links and that helps.

Good luck!
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