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Educational Channel A dedicated YouTuber


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User name: Cubey
Title of introduction: A dedicated YouTuber
Your name/ Alias: Cubey
Where are you from? Australia
How did you find TubeBuddy? Brian G Johnson
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? The tubebuddy.com/freetrial page
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: Get a silver play button.
How frequently do you upload? 1-2 days
What are your hobbies? Rubik's cube
What is your biggest dream? Becoming the biggest YouTuber in my niche
YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdVR95ecECGFDAKNVhHEjNg?view_as=subscriber


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Hey Cubey, welcome to the forums! I watch Brian G Johnson's videos too, they're super helpful for learning about YouTube. Good luck with your channel, I hope you get that silver play button one day :)


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Hey Cubey, welcome to the community.

You will notice an "error" at the bottom of your post. I'm including instructions on how to fix that below:

Next, you will find many frequently asked questions pinned/stickied to the top of each board. That's a good place to start. Don't hesitate to ask questions!