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YouTube Question Seperate channels for seperate videos

on a dark night

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Here is something I've been asking myself for a few days now .
I like to write fictional horror stories and my initial plan was to record them (similar to an audiobook) and upload them to youtube .
I found though it takes a while to write them and most weeks with work and various life issues I don't have that much spare time so I thought my channel will go cold if i don't upload more regular so i decided to make short videos about true creepy horror stuff as i could research them and use images rather than my own artwork as i had been doing, these would take around 3-5 hours to make on average .
The thing is they're both in a playlist ON A DARK NIGHT (The fictional horror stories) and NIGHTMARE TRUTH (The true horror vids)
If people watch one or the other would it become confusing or messy to have two different types of content sharing the same channel .
I have two other ideas I'd like to use but this would be two more types of content (all horror themed)
Would I be best starting over and placing the different types on separate channels or has anybody had success with s mixture of content on the one channel .


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Well, is it really different content? In essence, you are sharing horror content created by you as opposed to using someone else content. I don't think you need to channels to separate long stories and short stories.

But what I would suggest is maybe take the long story and break it down into chapters that you can then share in parts as opposed to all in one short. Each chapter can leave the listener wanting to come back for the next part. This will allow you to have content more consistently and avoid a void between videos.